Thursday, February 5, 2009

War of the Worlds - Final Review

War of the Worlds, Herbert George Wells, 1898

Plot: Decent. There was a vague sense of "what will happen next," but I am inclined to believe that a story about a martian attack on the earth could have been much more suspenseful than it actually was. It was a well-thought out story with plenty of descriptive details about everything from the physiology of the martians to the features of a particular house. 6/10

Style: It was written in first person, from the distant point of view of a man who lived through this experience years ago and is now committing it to paper. I liked the style and the way in which he addresses his reader, saying what probably would or would not interest me. It provided a neat connection to the character. Overall though, I ended up being mostly bored. It was a good story, but I spent most of the time trying to finish it so I can move on to the next book. 5/10

Hotness of the main character: n/a I think the reason why I can't rate this is because often the way to tell is by the character's interactions with the other people he comes across in the course of the story. During the martian invasion, the main character spends a great deal of time alone. When he is in the company of a fellow survivor, the actions are tempered so much by the strangeness of the situation that it is impossible to tell what kind of person he really is.

The character I would most like to be: How about not anyone in the greater London area during the time this book takes place?!? Tons of them are killed by the martians and many others surely end up with PTSD after the stuff they witness. No Thank You.

Re-readablility: Probably never again. It wasn't that it was awful, it just wasn't that great.

Final decision: Sell it.

(Note: I will be taking a break from the classics to read the biography of Randy Couture. Jealous, much?) :)