Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Great Expectations - Final Review

Great Expectations, Charles Dickens, 1860

Plot: Terrible. Okay, so by the end it came together and the last quarter of the book had some decent action to it, but up until that point, absolutely nothing of interest happened. Add to that the fact that I still don't really understand the concept of a wealthy person using their own money to make some random poor kid a "gentleman" and you end up with pretty much blah. 3/10

Style: Oh boy. I love me some Dickens. Just about as soon as I'd get bogged down in the nothingness that was going on, he'd throw in some sarcasm or a great quip and I'd be stuck reading some more. And while I was disappointed in the amount of lead up it took to get to the good stuff, the good stuff was pretty dang good. 7/10

Hotness of the main character: Well he started out as a young kid, so we'll skip to the end for this part. Pip was a hopeless romantic (points for this) but was hung up on a girl who treated him terribly and couldn't get over her (negative points for this). He had a decent amount of debt and treated his family from before he became a gentleman with contempt. So those aren't particularly good traits. Still, he had a good heart and always felt remorse for these actions; to the point of complete humility and repentance at the end. Goodness...um...5/10?

The character I would most like to be: I'd have to choose between the girl who all the boys love and the loyal best friend. The girl is a great manipulater and can make the boys do anything she wants...definitely a useful power, but sort of lonely I'd think. I'll go with Herbert I suppose.

Re-readability: Once in a blue moon. Dickens' writing is the only thing keeping me from making this never again. It was drugery to get through.

Final Decision: Sell it.