Friday, February 5, 2010

Final Review - Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte, 1847

It took me a very long time to post this, partly because of lack of motivation (you can help! just comment once in a while...) and partly because I was super eager to read a Christmas gift I got called "King Leopold's Ghost" which frankly, blew my mind. It was an excellent read about the colonial history of the Congo (wow, that sounds boring, but I swear, it's amazing). So I'm a book and a good month or so removed from Jane Eyre, which I'm sure will color this review. So keep that in mind.

Plot: Super good. So good that I was tempted to flip through the last few pages just to see if things were going to go the way that I really wanted them to. (I did. I didn't really read anything, just looked for a certain name.) In case you don't know, Jane is an orphan who has a rough go of it, becomes a governess, falls in love, runs away, etc. Good drama, not all predictable stuff at all either, which was fun. 9/10

Style: Hands down the most romantic book I've ever read. Other well written books about love often tell you what characters think and do to get you to understand their feelings. Bronte did an excellent job of describing the feelings to you, so much so that I felt like I knew exactly what Jane was going through at times. I was impressed that the language used 150+ years ago could still make so much sense. 9/10

Hotness of the main character: Not Jane, of course, we'll talk about Mr. Rochester. The guy was old, not at all attractive, and prone to hiding the truth. But points for the battle of wits he frequently had with Jane, and for how much he loved her. 4/10

Re-readability: Occasionally

Final decision: Shelf it.